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Viennese electronic-soul duo ELIS NOA - Aaron and Elisa - met during their time at music university. They make music in search for honest reflection of their lives and as an expression of their constantly evolving artistic process and identity.

ELIS NOA's sound ranges from pop to contemporary RnB, all the way to future soul. The intimacy and depth of their songs make you sit up and pay attention, the sound is soulful and elegant, but also honest and raw and will definitely not leave you unmoved.

After two EPs ,“High" (2017) and "Love Letters" (2019) and performances across Europe, they released their debut album "What Do You Desire?" in 2020.

ELIS NOA's second LP: "I Was Just About To Leave", released in May of 2022, tells a story about letting go.


I Was Just About To Leave LP (2022)
I Was Just About To Leave_COVER.jpg
Love Letters EP (2019)
Love Letters EP_Cover.png
What Do You Desire? LP (2020)
High EP (2017)



Las Vegas Records

Florian Kollross

BOOKING for Germany:

Erik Chemnitz


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